50 percent off on Philips Base B22 7-Watt LED bulb (Cool Day Light,Pack of 2) from amazon|for 209, INR only

Philips Base B22 7-Watt LED bulb (Cool Day Light,Pack of 2)
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These led bulbs are duplicate. I bought the bulbs from. Cloud tail, but I am sorry to say that the bulbs are duplicate. How to check if bulbs are duplicate?I scratch the philips written on bulb with my nail, it immediately came out.Kolkata address of philips printed on box was incorrect.There was no toll free number of Philips customer care given on the box. Also the printing quality is very dull.So guys make sure you are buying genuine product. I am returning thism
October 3, 2016
Shipping & Quality of product was excellent.I think a 5W should be enough for washrooms, 7W should be good for bedrooms and halls.They are so bright that a 9W itself illuminates a large space of my hall.
July 12, 2016
Wanted to try a LED bulb for long, and this seemed a good combination of brightness and cost! Was not disappointed - easily brighter than a CFL of the same wattage and runs much cooler. Gives clear white light, but not painfully so - similar to a Cool Day light CFL or tube. Easy to install - screws in the same way into a normal holder. Usually runs all night, each night and I haven't noticed any uptick in my electricity bill (not much savings either - but its just one bulb!)Suitable for use in any lamp shade / enclosed space since it runs much cooler - wont heat up anything close to it or discolor as happens with regular bulbs. Overall value for money, hope it gets even cheaper in the long run
June 25, 2014
Just received these products today. I would say that a 7 watt bulb is sufficient for a small bed room, bath room etc. but for a normal sized bed room, a 9W bulb is more than sufficient. These led bulbs are very good for ceiling fixtures and not on wall fixtures because, the bulb light emitting area of the bulb is less than 50% of the bulb , so the area on back side of the bulb is not lit sufficiently, so these bulbs are ideal for shaded lamps and for ceiling fixtures. But one thing for sure these bulbs are really bright. this 7W LED bulb is equivalent to or even brighter than a ordinary 14W CFL bulb or slightly less brighter than a 14W Phillips CFL bulb. Thanks Amazon.
March 5, 2017

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