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Nubia Z11 Mini (White)


16MP primary camera with stacked CMOS image sensor, phase detection, sapphire glass lens, six-element lens, f/2.0 aperture, IMX298 sensor, neovision 5.8 and 8MP front facing camera with back ...

Start from: Rs. 27,949
The Nubia Z11 Mini is the best camera phone under 13k segment, but it’s not an all-round performer. Here’s how it fares on our tests.$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&$&Pros:--Best camera in its category-Good looking & ergonomic|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°*|°Cons:--Adequate battery life-Performance could have been better€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€¥£€1)Camera:-The Nubia Z11 Mini has what is easily the best camera in the sub-20k segment. The image quality comes really close to that of the OnePlus 3. Both phones carry the same IMX298 Exmor RS sensor from Sony, with an f/2.0 aperture lens.mages taken in broad daylight show well balanced colours and are closer to source. The camera algorithm doesn’t oversharpen images or mess up the contrast ratio. This leaves a lot of room for post production, which is important in a camera-centric smartphone.°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°2)Pro Mode:-The camera is faster than it was on the Z9 Mini, but Nubia would do well to tweak it further. There is a split second processing lag, which we would prefer to not have. View post on imgur.comThe Nubia Z11 Min’s front camera is equally good, but only under well lit conditions. Under low light, the quality of your selfies will dip.%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*~%*3)Build and Design:-There are unique aspects to Nubia’s design language, particularly the red backlight on the navigation keys, and the red accent around the camera lens and home button. It has rounded sides, a compact form factor and a familiar, but comfortable design. There’s also 2.5D glass on the front.Read more ›
February 10, 2017
Hi,[...].Nubia z11 Mini is a beautiful Chinese phone.I got this phone after a lots of hesitation as I am iPhone 7 user and wanted a secondary phone for me.I read all reviews and so I was aware of lots of flaws beforehand.Here are my observation of a INR12,999 Phone.PROS1. Beautiful Phone. It's a stunner, and slightly bigger than my my iPhone 7 but exactly the same weight.2. Glossy and Premium. The Red light ring on the front button is very cool. It lights up on various functions like charging, receiving a message etc.3. Bright Screen (Unlike a lots of reviews that I read). All you need to do deselect automatic brightness (default) and Voila!4. Awesome Camera. In this price bracket, it is a just awesome. If you are looking for low light pictures, either choose a DSLR or be creative. So many features are inbuilt that you will enjoy the phone.5. Lollipop software is brilliant. No regrets for not getting Marshmallow. Nubia UI is excellent and should be acclaimed for what they are providing.6. Nubia User Interface is brilliant. Features like Accelerate (Just 2 Good), Edge Gesture ( Very Convenient), App Lock (I just love this one - Lock Your Photo Folder or any other app you don't want anyone else to access), Smart Lock ( This one is a winner, You can keep the phone unlocked when you are near a Bluetooth device like speakers, headset or through GPS when you are in a certain location- Just Awesome and very Intelligent).7. I can go on and on with smart features that are built in.8. Battery (Unlike a lots of reviews) is great. Its perfect for normal one day use, like almost all phones in the market. Initially, in first few days we tend to consume more because we are all day fiddling & exploring the new phone.Read more ›
November 10, 2016
To start with first I am a smartphone freak. Every 6 months i keep changing phones . So i have used most phones in the market. But ZTE Nubia z11 mini is a looker and the best I have ever used. Such a beautiful aesthetically designed phone. When you hold it in your hand it feels iphone 7 plus.Real class written all over.Pros:1. Camera one of the best . I am little disappointed with led flash though. Could have been much brighter.2. No lag in games . I have played asphalt extreme , asphalt 8 , real racing 3. No heating also while playing these games. Powerful snapdragon.3.UI neat and fancy and I love it.4.Look and feel(glass both sides feels awesome)5.Fast fingerprint6.Fast GPS lock7.Expandable memory card8.3 GB RAM9. Amazing display. Feels extremely premium and smooth with rich colours like amoledCons:1. No fast charging ( A big letdown for me)2.Covers and cases are little hard to get3.Hybrid sim slot( would have loved individual slots for 2nd sim and memory card)Overall the phone is a real value for money. Just go for it.
February 16, 2017

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