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Lenovo PHAB Plus Tablet (6.8 inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi+ LTE+ Voice Calling), Gunmetal Platinum


Lenovo PHAB Plus Faster, Sleeker and Lighter Version of Lenovo PHAB; 13MP primary camera with dual color flash and 5MP front facing camera; 6.8-inch (17.27 centimeters) full HD IPS 10-point ...

I have been having a Samsung Galaxy Grand and have been very happy with that and found no reason to change it despite the fact that it tended to keep hanging every so often inspite of reformatting.(Got it a few years back).  Actually I was looking for a Tab to provide companionship to me on frequent flights to watch movies and also have a bigger screen to review office related documents while on the move. I came across this device ' Lenovo Phab Plus. After checking out the features and tempted by the Amazing discoung ' offered at approx 14K against the going market rate of 20K(at that time) with a 15% CitiCard discount ' I purchased the device.  Given below are my observations 'I am not going to parrot the specs which are available everywhere ' rather I am listing the hidden or not-so-obvious features or lack of them and also recommend why you should(or should NOT) purchase this mammoth.In the race to have a bigger and bigger screen(Bhala uski Phone meri Phone se badi kaise?)- the Lenovo Phab Plus I guess has hit the ceiling with a monstrous 6.8 inch diagonal screen size.  While there is no standard as to what constitutes a Phone and what constitutes a tab- it is generally accepted that anything 7 inches and above can be termed a tab and phones in general are 5.5 inches and below.  Hence Lenovo has(clevery?) positioned this device not as a phone not as a tab but as a Phablet!Yes ' it is MONSTROUS. With a 6.8 inch diagonal screen size you would think that there is no way that this monster can be used as a regular phone but thanks to its very narrow bezel(border) you actually can comfortably use this as a phone- which I am as this is now my regular phone.Read more ›
March 6, 2016
Phab was amazing don't trust on all negative reviews. I am also afraid while I had ordered but thought just give a chance. I am using it from last 10 days.battery was superb.such a big screen but can hold easily. Net surfing gaming n all are just amazing. Very happy with Amazon n they delivered before delivery date
June 21, 2016
UNBOXING---------------------------1 PHAB2 CHARGING CABLE3 EAR PHONES4 HELP MANUEL5 USB PORTETCETC========================================================================MAIN FEATURES---------------------------------------------------------' The MASSIVE screen real estate - screen size of a tad below 7 Inches.' The astonishingly sharp and vivid display ' You can watch HD movies/clips and would be surprised at the quality.(of course the source file needs to be HD to make a difference).' The superb camera ' Folks who have seen the photos taken with this device have invariably commented on the superb photo quality.' Sleeeeek. It is surprisingly thin and with the screen occupying almost all of the physical available space - the aluminium body looks matches that of iPhones(there have been critics who have said that this has copied the iPhone design( ' I say who cares)' DOLBY ATOS ' you have to hear it to believe this Cinema Theatre experience on your phone. Obviously you need suitable headphones and a good quality source. (N.B the supplied earbud type headphones SUCK!)' With a pretty heavy 32G storage and 2 GB RAM with 8-core Qualcomm Quadcore ' the speed of the device is quite acceptable as of now.' Dual SIM (isn't that almost a standard now?) with 4G no VoLTE(whatever that is!) but LTE compliant. ' Goodenough experience with 4G on Airtel/Chennai' Android Lollipop with promises to permit upgrade to Marshmallow.Read more ›
November 9, 2016

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