Juârez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst for 2,490 INR only


If you are a music lover and a fan of acoustic guitars in particular, then this 38 inch guitar from the house of Juarez is a must buy. Great quality and impeccable styling are just some of the ...

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I recently purchased this product from Amazon. And I must say it's an unbelievable product at an unbelievable price. :)If you are reading this review and wanting to buy this guitar, I am sure you too are a complete beginner because the pro guitarists won't look for guitars at such cheap price. So, here's my first impression review for you:Another thing, I am a total newbie in guitar, but I can play piano and have some knowledge about the music chords and scales. I can identify sounds and so here's the review of a music lover!I have classified it into 3 sections:1. Look and Feel: Here I talk about how it looks and compare it with a standard high priced guitar.2. Sound Quality: Here I talk about the sound quality.3. Verdict: Here I give you an overall verdict about the guitar.LOOK AND FEEL:Ahh! It does not compromise on the external look and feel. The polished red color over the linden wood simply grabs your attention as soon as you look at it. And let me tell you, what you see in the pic is what you get. :)The fretboard is made of ebony wood, the strings are made of steel, just what is perfect for a beginner to work on, as suggested by other guitarists.Note that this guitar is a small guitar, and it has notable differences compared to a standard guitar. But that DOES NOT MEAN this is for kids. Nope! Many have this misconception that at this price and size, this must be a toy. Let me clarify, it isn't. It is just a smaller version of a standard guitar. I am just comparing it with the standard variant. and writing down the differences.Firstly, it is of 38 inch, whereas a standard guitar may be up to 41 inch. Secondly, it has 18 frets whereas a standard guitar has up to 22.Read more ›
July 8, 2016
Oh my god what A Guitar . I was Thinking It will Not Sound Good But when i played it My god what a superb sound quality with deep bass . And for the packaging i give 200 out of 100 .the packaging was like that i have never seen before . The packaging was in a very huge box with lots of air bags in it which will save our product even in very worst conditions .
August 7, 2016
Beautiful look... Sound quality is good..As I have gifted this to someone, he loved the guitar... Happiness is to make someone happy... Thank you Amazon
August 10, 2016
Rs. 790 1999

Features: -High quality steel frame, ABS plastic clip Mic holder, very sturdy and durable. -Dual suspension springs on each boom arm, protects microphone from suddenly dropping. -Folding type, 16" to ...

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The product is ok and definitely not worth the price it commands. There are a few things that needs to be mentioned here:1. The product build quality is average and it doesn't feel solid when heavy microphone like Shure SM58 are attached to it. I doubt if it will last long when used with such mics.2. The Mic Holder that comes with shure sm58 does not fit to this stand. You will have to use the mic holder supplied with the stand. The Mic Holder is of poor quality and one always fear of Shure slipping out of the holder when at certain angles.3. The vice used to fix the stand to a table is also poorly built. The Steel ring that clamps to the table is fixed to the screw with a tiny metalic pin, which in my case was loosely fitted and came out easily. It is very cumbersome to put it back in place to prevent the steel ring from falling out of the clamp screw.
October 3, 2016
The product is good quality is decent. when I ordered it I never felt like it can hold snowball with a heavy pop filter but I took a chance because I know we can return it if it doesn't work and I' must say it easily hold 1k weight after tightening the screw.Pro:-The product is metalLength is enough for home useit can hold up to 1 kg to 2kg weight if you tighten the screws. For me it is holding around 800 - 900 gm weight.Cons:-I think because it is not available in the local market that is why it is expensive but I don't think it worth more than 1K INR.it feels like if you tighten the screw more it will damage especially plastic handle of the screw.The product is nice you can buy without thinking too much if your budget is tight. Though I still say it is not worth more than 1000 RS which is more than enough for the quality.
September 4, 2016
Superb Product\Can be used for condenser microphoneMy microphone was imported from Hong Kong I worriedthat will it work with that,But it really worked.Can be used for small home studioWorth Buying
August 11, 2016

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