MORPHO Red & Black Finger Print Scanner (Morpho- MSO1300 E2) by Safran Morpho online deal for 3,690 inr only

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MORPHO Red & Black Finger Print Scanner (Morpho- MSO1300 E2) by Safran Morpho

Safran Morpho

Sensor size: 14x22 mm Intarface: USB 2.0 Fast processing: authentication

Start from: Rs. 3,345
Vendor or seller is providing a great and excellent delivery service but the manufacturer Morpho is very greedy and unethical as they sell this product at a very high price and in addition do not provide the SDK, for which they again charge separately based on your profile and how much they can milk from you. Customer service from the Manufacturer is one of the pathetic and no response from them on any mode of communication. Returned this immediate and bought Mantra MFS 100 (New Version) USB Fingerprint Scanner by D Sign. which is manufactured in India by Mantra and they provide all SDK, Drivers, source code and great support! Better to buy Mantra MFS 100 than this product from unethical manufacturer who want to loot customers! Sellers should refrain from selling such products from unethical manufacturers!
February 24, 2017
It met my entire satisfaction. I bought it for Jeevan Pramaan. The driver, software and instructions provided by jeevan pramaan site of govt of India. Following the instruction was easy and I could register for the digital life certificate and got one easily. Wish the seller included the Instruction Sheet atleast for ease of the buyer if they are buying this for digital life certificates.
September 22, 2016
There was no instruction set with the eqpt. Initially, I couldn't install it on my computer (32 bit). Subsequently after many failed attempts, I tried on the laptop (64 bit) and succeeded. Better if the details are included as an instruction set on a sheet and sent with the eqpt.
June 6, 2016

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