PINDIA Eyelet Polyester Long Door Curtain – 9ft, Cream is available for 216 only

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PINDIA Eyelet Polyester Long Door Curtain - 9ft, Cream


Add gorgeous color and style as well as warmth with the versatile yet beautiful PINDIA Faux Silk polyester Curtain. Block out unwanted light and conserve energy by keeping out the cold. You'll stay ...

Start from: Rs. 468
This is good only if you are looking for a curtain inside a hidden room or if you are ok with a so so quality of curtain.For sure, it has a siliky texture but it is too light weight and go to side of curtain rod with little strong wind.But to be honest, it is a 3 star product for price you pay, however i have deducted one more star as got two curtain(in pair) of DIFERENT SIZE!.Now that pissed me off!....and i initiated refund request for this product.
May 31, 2015
This product is not upto the mark as explained and marketed on Amazon. The colour differs a lot as shown in pictures on Amazon. Overall not a good quality product. Also I wanted to return this product, the biggest challenge is I have to go out hunt for a courier agency and send on my own cost. Such arrangement I have not seen on Snap deal or on Flip Kart. May be I will stop buying from Amazon because return of goods is not dealt properly.
August 11, 2014
The curtains are good but not very good. Better options are available offline. Problem is, these curtains are very lightweight; so a little bit wind and it's waving in the air or slipping into folds on the rod. So if it's windy, probably you would want a thicker, heavier option.
February 2, 2017
It looks decent. Please display the pictures according to the number. ie, if it is one piece curtain,please show only one piece curtain in the display picture and not two! I have first ordered it seeing the display picture,which showed two pieces!
November 8, 2015

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