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Air Conditioner Buying Guide

How to select an Air Conditioner in India?


Hotness in summers are breaking records every year and it is being harder and harder for us to get comfortable even in our homes with fire-spitting walls enclosing us. Air Conditioner not only give us a comfortable cool air, but it also purifies the air and controls the humidity.

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In India, we have long hot months ahead of us and everyone is up for having an air-conditioner for themselves at home, I know you want one too. But how to select an Air conditioner in India?


This write-up is your savior in your hunt for selecting a good Air conditioner in India. So let’s dig deep ahead to know all the things you need to know before you select an Air conditioner to buy.


You have to decide what type of Air Conditioner you want before moving to select an Air conditioner in India. There are commonly 3 types of ACs: Window AC, Split AC and Portable AC.

Window AC is the most popular one among the 3 and as the name says it, window AC is mounted on the window of a room as a single unit, while split AC comes with two units from which compressor and condenser unit are placed outside the room while the blower unit is mounted inside on the wall.

On the other hand, portable AC as the name suggests is mobile and could be placed anywhere in the room or in any other room at any time. It is good for you if you are living in a rented place or shift frequently.


The capacity of an AIr-conditioner is gauged in ‘tonnage’. The tonnage of an AC depends on the following parameters:

  • Your City
  • Dimensions of the room in sq. ft
  • The number of windows present and their areas in sq. ft
  • Direction of window
  • House or Apartment (on which floor if it is an apartment)
  • Utilization


The capacity of the machine is very important to know before you select an Air Conditioner to buy because it will highly affect your electricity bill every month ahead of you.

If you select an Air conditioner with a lower capacity than required one, it will consume more power and energy which will eventually lead to a higher electricity bill. It may save you a couple of bucks on your capital cost but your electricity bill will be skyrocketed and it also reduces the life of your machine.

And if the AC with higher capacity is selected, you will end up spending more on the AC with a stressful electricity bill every month. So getting the right tonnage is key to get best of your bucks.

You can roughly calculate the tonnage by just dividing your area in sq. ft by 600. For example tonnage of a 100 sq. ft room will be 100/600 which is .0.167 tons and add a 0.5 ton for per 5 people. So an AC of 0.8 tons will work just fine for a 100 sq.ft room. And another 0.5 ton should be added if you are living in some extra-hot state like Rajasthan.




How much money your pocket is allowing is one of the major factors for selecting an air conditioner. There are many local Indian brands which provide good durability with all new features as in big international brands.

You can surely opt for an Indian brand over an international one, in which you may get similar product at 20 to 30 percent less price if compared with the big names and may also fall in your budget bucket.

Energy saving


As we talked above, the capacity(tonnage) of an Air-conditioner affects your electricity bill. Be aware of the tonnage of AC which is written over the stickers on the machine and also over the user manual.

Air conditioners today comes with a new technology which helps saving energy. There are inbuilt sensors which adjust according to the atmosphere in the room, hence saves energy by not keep running over same rate and the one with a higher number of stars saves the most energy, so prefer a machine which is at least 3 stars.

Other features you may consider


  • Filters: You may look for an AC with feature of dust filtering and other bacterial elements from the air, making air clean for better health of family.
  • Heater: Heater can normalise the temperature in winters to make it bearable with cleaning the air simultaneously.
  • Dehumidifier: In rainy seasons, this feature will normalise the humidity in the room and it also restrict the growth of bacteria and fungus hence preventing many diseases.
  • Auto-cleaning: This property may be very helpful as you find it overwhelming to clean it every now and then. So auto-cleaning is right there for you.


Right buy at the right time



Being at the right place at the right time is the best thing you can do for yourself to get the best deal if you want to select an air conditioner in India.


There are high chances that you can get a better-discounted deal if you are purchasing it in winters or at the beginning of the year.


India is the country of festivals and occasions and both online and offline stores provide lucrative deals and amazing discounts on these occasions. So never miss an opportunity if you want to buy an Air conditioner with good quality at a cheaper price.

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