How to select a dishwasher in India?

Dishwasher Buying Guide


How to select a dishwasher in India?

Having a dishwasher can be a huge relief. As Indian, we have been doing the dishes manually for ages and more than 80 percent of households are still doing the same.A dishwasher is a new concept for Indians and more than 60 percent don’t know that there is a device like this. A dishwasher saves so much of your time, efforts and prevents the wastage of water.

You can do the same number of dishes with only about one-fourth of the total quantity of water you use. It is a huge quantity of water being saved every day, and using a dishwasher is a much more efficient way of doing it.But buying a dishwasher in India may be an overwhelming task altogether because most of us don’t have a good idea of the facts and figures we have to keep in mind while buying one.

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Let us dive into this further and find out how to select a Dishwasher in India and what are the things which we should make ourselves aware of.

Kitchen Inspection

Find out if your kitchen is dishwasher ready, and make it if it is not. There should be a separate water connection for it and a place for your machine to fit in (measure the area you have decided to put your dishwasher).

If you are selecting a dishwasher in India then make sure to know what your preference would be. Find out if your kitchen would be okay with an Integrated one or a portable one would be best for you.

An electrical connection is an important thing to run it, make sure an electricity point is there nearby to run it but make sure it is out of reach of children.


Jot down your budget, how much you can spend over the dishwasher and look for a machine that comes into that range. Budget is a major point in selecting a dishwasher as most of us come from middle-class families.

A dishwasher is a one-time investment which is gonna be there in your kitchen for at least 8 years or more with you(if it is a trusted brand) saving your efforts and time, so don’t hesitate to invest a couple of extra bucks if you have to, by cutting down your extra expenses from your list.


Look for the right size for you. As an Indian, you may have a joint family with around 6 to 7 people or you could be an individual living with a friend or maybe you are a newly married, so look for a machine that is according to your preferences.

Choose between compact and standard. A compact dishwasher is a smaller machine which is good for smaller spaces. It is roughly 18 inches in width. And the standard machine is typically 24 inches.


In India, mostly moms and females look out for all the kitchen stuff and most of them are not educated or less educated. So this point could be one of the most important of “How to select a Dishwasher in India”.

It is very much important for your dishwasher to be a user-friendly machine so that they can use them with no problem. And also take care of noise it is making, sound below 47 decibels is bearable and considered quite low, so keep that in mind, it will start getting your nerve if it is 50 decibels or more.

All the functions and cycles should be made very easy to understand with good pictorial representations and a very illustrative user manual. So choose a machine with nice features with minimum clicks.

Energy Load

The Energy a dishwasher consumes is written on the machine and also in the user manual. It should be thoroughly checked which selecting a dishwasher.

Energy consumption may also depend on how you use the machine. Unlike older versions of dishwashers new technology machines doesn’t only have the traditional wash and dry features.

Today’s machines are intact with many cycles which may delay the whole process to give you the best service and thus lead to more consumption of energy and water. So select a dishwasher in India accordingly.


While going for a purchase

Above are the things which enough to guide you on ‘how to select a Dishwasher in India’. Below are some important practices you can do to get the best deal for your machine.

Chose right

Choose the dishwasher which stands in your criteria of things, which possesses the capabilities you desire in it and that too in your budget range.

There are a thousand types of dishwashers present in the market, so make sure to not spend your hard earned money for the one with fancy features which are not even required.

Visit Stores

Visiting many stores gives you the overall idea of the trend going on in your price range, and also the brands which are popular with it. You can get a basic idea of the total function and cycles a machine have in that particular price range.

You can compare the rate on online platforms, sometimes online platforms can provide you with some discounts if you are paying with your debit card or credit card.

Read reviews


Don’t forget to read reviews for a particular product so that you can get an idea of what people using the same dishwasher have to say about it. This could be a good idea before selecting a dishwasher in India.

And select the one which is highly rated and which have a higher number of positive reviews. It will help to build trust in you for a particular brand

Look for a discount and for the right time

So when do you select a dishwasher in India? When is the right time? Look for the right time to buy it so that you could avail a good discount.

On festivals like Holi, Diwali, and other similar occasions, stores, and many online platforms provide some lucrative deals for this type of household machinery. So go for it on occasion.


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