Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide

How to select a Mattress in India?


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All one want is a rejuvenating sleep and a comfy place to straighten up oneself after a long tiring day. I know you are a fan of the sound and comfortable sleep, I know I am.

And living in India most of the parents sleep with there kid/s in between, which could be a real pain as you need to shrink in a quarter of your mattress without being able to move. So how to select a mattress in India which can fit you in?

When it comes to having a nice sleep, it does matter what surface you are putting yourself on, of course, you are gonna be there at least 7 hours and you don’t wanna rise up holding your back and neck. So the mattress on which you are relieving yourself does matter.

A mattress should not be very soft so that you don’t feel wrapped in it and should not be so hard as you are lying on the floor. People often find it an overwhelming task when it is about selecting a mattress and may want an insight on how to select mattress in India?


In this article, you will get to know how to select a mattress in India according to your  needs.



Of course, the budget comes first because doesn’t matter what you have decided to opt, you can’t have it if you can’t afford it.

So cut out your extras and not-much-needed items and write your budget down. After knowing your ability to spend, go on to look for the mattresses at that range.

Types of mattresses


There are many types of mattresses which have come to market according to the latest trends and new technologies one after another. Here we will get a basic idea of the types of mattresses are there in India.


Below are mentioned some specific types of mattresses which are there in the market with their pros and cons:

Coir Mattress


Coir mattresses are made up of coconut husk, so these are the natural mattress. The Coir possesses moisture reducing capabilities and also provides good ventilation and heat absorption. It is one of the cheapest mattresses you will find in the market.


Pros Cons
Easily available May cause discomfort
Cheap price Not good for stiff neck and back pain
No motion transfer from one side to another Less durability

Spring mattress


As the name suggests, spring mattress comes with springs/coils inside it, making it cushiony and bouncy. This kind of mattress is quite popular among residents.


This could be any other type of mattress with springs. Coir Mattress also comes with springs in them. You can opt for it if you like it bouncy and bumpy.


Pros Cons
Easily available May cause discomfort after some time
Moderate price Less durable
A little comfort, and bouncy Motion transfer

Foam Mattress


It is a simple multilayered or single layered foam mattress which is also quite popular with Indian residents.


Pros Cons
Durable Little Expensive
Good for neck and back pain —-
No motion transfer from one side to another —-

Latex Mattress


Made up of latex foam, this type of mattress is one of the most comfortable (soft, bouncy and good cooling) and durable if compared with others. The latex mattress is a type of mattress which is in trend right now.


Pros Cons
High Comfort High Price
Good for back and neck pain Not easily available at every store
No motion transfer from one side to another —-
High Durability —-

Memory Foam Mattress


Memory form is a new trending technology with a new innovation in mattresses arena. It consists of cells which deform according to your body shape and doesn’t retain its shape instantly when you move, which means that the shape of your body gets imprinted on the mattress for around 20 to 30 seconds. As the technology is new, these are popular in the market.


Pros Cons
High Comfort Very High Price
Good for back and neck pain Not easily available on every store
No motion transfer from one side to another Not good for joints for long term
High Durability Not good for children and elder people as they could find it hard to move and may also suffocate
New Technology Material from which it is made of may cause many diseases and cancer also
—- Highly inflammable

Hybrid mattress


These are made up of mixing two different materials like coir with foam, latex with foam, latex with memory foam or latex with springs, etc.


Pros Cons
High Comfort and durability Very High Price
Good for back and neck pain Not easily available
No motion transfer from one side to another May not be good for elderly people



You should make sure how much bigger would be good for you. You might be having your kids sleeping with you and may also be the only one to use it.


Height and width should always be checked. Find out if you want a single bed mattress or a double bed mattress, queen size mattress or a king size mattress before selecting mattresses in India.

Technology Used


Technology upgradation is an ongoing process whether it is a tiny pin or an airplane. Mattresses are also being upgraded time to time in there process of manufacturing or the material being used to make it. Newer technologies may add-up an additional 3 to 4 years to your mattress.

Visit stores


Visiting different stores gives you many options and a wide variety of brands. You could lie down for a few minutes to know how it would feel when you will spend 8 hours of your time over it.


Try the expensive ones first to get an idea of how would it feels like and that experience could be compared with the other ones which you could afford. So visiting different store may be a good idea to make it easy in the selection of mattress in India.

Online Buying vs In-store Buying



Well, this could be quite a good topic for debate. The online market has been grabbing its ground for quite some time now, and a sudden surge is observed in recent years. Almost everything could be bought or sold online, doesn’t matter if it is a house or a car.


And a mattress is no exception. Type of purchasing mode you choose may affect your selection of a mattress in India because you may end up having many affordable options in front of you.


Today there are many E-commerce giants both local and International. But is it really killing the traditional in-store purchasing way? That is really your call to identify.


Though both types of buying options have their own pros an cons, you end up purchasing more or less the same product with whatever way you may choose to buy it.


Here is a table telling you the pros and cons of both types of buying options:


Online In-store
Can buy sitting on your comfortable couch Have to take the pain of going out and visit the stores
Many options are just a click away and could be ordered using a mobile phone or laptop There are many options, but you have to visit many mattress stores to find many options
You can’t touch or feel it or try it You can touch and feel how comfortable would it be
More chances of returning or exchanging it again and again Less chance of returning and exchanging once bought
May take several days to get delivered to your home Can be delivered immediately and you can also carry it with you to home
More SALE options and coupons are available so could be availed lower than MRP Less SALE option so have to be bought at MRP
High chances of fake product Low chances of fake product


These are some of the points which may give you an insight on ‘how to select a mattress in India’. Happy hunting.

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