Online Millionaire Summit

Online Millionaire Summit

Review of Online Millionaire Summit

First of a kind in India a successful online summit happened during 10th march to 14th March . It covered all the best ways to earn money online , it covered interviews from all the industry wide leaders in their domain . This summit provided the basics , how to’s and actionable suggestions for anyone to start from scatch . This summit covered topics like DropShipping , Print on Demand, Digital Agency , Blogging and Earning through Affiliate Networks . Speakers from each mediums shared their journeys and experiences wholeheartedly in the event .
This course was sold for 599 INR exclusively through Facebook Ads and Affiliate marketing . If anyone still want to access it , can purchase it through following link :-

Here’s what you get when you join –

  1. Life-Changing Video Interviews of 20+ Experts About Their Journey (INR 10,000 value)
  2. Tutorials and Presentations Directly Taught by Experts on Various Topics (INR 10,000 value)
  3. Practical Hands-On Workshops (INR 5000 value)
  4. Bonus Content and Mini-Courses (INR 5000 value)
  5. Member-Only Exclusive Facebook Group (INR 1000 value)
  6. Weekly Live QnA Calls (INR 2000 value)
  7. Audio Downloads (INR 1000 value) and much more.

Learn Directly From India’s Top 20+ Experts!

Digital Marketers, Influencers, YouTubers & Online Entrepreneurs reveal how they got started and built a hugely Profitable Online Business.

Online-Millionaire-Summit’s mission is simple –

To increase awareness and educate people about different ways to make money online. We do so by interviewing India’s most successful online entrepreneurs about journey, experiences and learn actual steps you can take to achieve similar results!

This summit begins with Pre event Value bomb programs by name Curiosity series and Business basics, wherein insights about FB ads, funnels, positioning , search volume, brand communication etc were covered but we would like to specially mention that FB Ads basics are wonderfully Explained here.

purchase it through following link :-

Day 1 started with Drop Shipping, Interviews from Ritoban Chakrabarti, Moonis Ali and Nishkarsh Sharma were shared . Moonis Ali also provided with hands Dropshopping training at the end. The Way Nishkarsh Sharma presented the perspective was the breath of fresh air .
Day 2 started with Print on Demand, Inteviews from Mubaid Ali, Shloka Raj, Avinash Babu were done. Print on Demand tutorial was explained quite well by Mubaid Ali. Mubaid Ali also shared videos on how to launch Campaigns on My Dream Store and Teespring. The Day ended with an offer to test latest upcoming platform of Mydreamstore 2.0 at the day end.
Day 3 was Digital Marketing Agency , interviews were from Deepak Kanak raju , Gaurav Gurbaxani, Antony Chacko, shoaib valai and a video from Baidurya Mukerjee also a business organiser canvas was shared by Gaurav . Shoaib Valai shared infor 300 Digital Marketing Agency where one can apply for the job
Day 4 was about Facebook advertising and Online Courses , it had interviews from Gopal Krishnan , Siddharth Pal and Seema Bharwani . Mubaid Ali provided online training for Facebook Ads Structure, Types of Facebook Ads , Facebook Pixel and Custom Audience
Day 5 was about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing , it had interview from Pradeep Goyal , Ankit Singla and Gaurav Borah , and Tutorials from Pradeep Goyal , Mukund Jha and Gaurab Borah
Day 6 was about Youtube and Personal Branding , It had interviews from Prasad Vedpathak , Amit Mishra , Sidharth Jain , Digital Pratik , Avi Arya , Dev Gadhvi, Himani Vij and free tutorial from Prasad Vedpathak and Sidharth Rajsehar .

Summary of Online Millionaire summit is

• Over 5000 People enrolled for the event by paying 599 INR .
• Event was hosted on Teachable platform
• Every Important topic was covered to get you started in the world of “ Making Money Online”
• It had interviews , tutorials and giveaways
• Facebook is a Superpower , use it well and appropriate training was provided during event

purchase it through following link :-

Topics covered during Online Millionaire Summit

• Dropshipping
• Print on Demand
• Digital Marketing Agency
• Blogging
• Affiliate Marketing
• Online Courses
• Youtube
• Social Media Influencing /Personal Branding

Summary of Advices shared during interviews from Online Millionaire Summit

• Focus on One Thing
• Don’t Chase the Money , Do what you passionate about
• Don’t Quit, Don’t give up
• Start Action Today , right now
• Content matters the most
• Sales and Promotion is the key
• Stubbornness is better than hope.
• Attention is the most important currency
• Execution is more important than perfection
• Above all show Gratitude

Financial summary of Online Millionaire summit

• Approx 5000 People subscribed this seminar for 599 INR , sale= approx 30lacs
• Approx 200 People subscribed to custom 30 days training for 9500 INR, sale = approx= 19 lacs
• Total Investment on Marketing was 16 Lacs and Total Revenue = 49 lacs
• If total additional cost are assumed to be 10 lacs, Net profit should be 23 Lacs
• Event Organisers knows Marketing , Trust Them, Value their Experience.

Also Let us know how can we improve our website and channel, please also check which is online deals and price comparison website and also check which is an online content magazine website any comments suggestion tips are open….

Please also let us know if you want us to prepare Summary for each day or if you want summary of books and tools mentioned , we can also prepare it if some one needed.
Thank you

purchase it through following link :-

Books Recommended during Online Millionaire Summit 2019

• Sapiens and Homo Deus :-
• Who will cry when you die :-
• Psycho- Cybernetics :-
• 7 spiritual laws of success:-
• 22 immutable laws of marketing :-
• Getting Things Done :-
• All marketers are lairs :-
• The Power of Full Engagement :-
• Wake up Productive:-
• Influence :- &
• Rework:-
• The world is flat:-
• Rich Dad Poor Dad :-
• Crushing It:-
• 10X Rule :-
• 80% Mindset 20% skill :-
• The Art of SEO:-
• Web Analytics 2.0:-
• Principles of Marketing :-
• Email Marketing an hour a day :-

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Online Millionaire Summit 2019

purchase it through following link :-

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